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"Margins"; Digital collage by Tanisha Hill-Jarrett 



Thank you for stopping by! I am excited to share this body of work which has been a long time coming. My website was birthed out of a need for greater representation of Black voices within neuropsychology and cognitive aging. Too often our stories and needs are erased entirely or "othered" and deemed less of a priority. With this site, I hope to curate a space that centers the Black experience, fosters community and dialogue, and promotes collective healing regardless of where you fall along the lifespan. Here you will find a breadth of Black experiences -- ranging from my own as a neuropsychologist, to those of our elders who are aging while Black in America, and everything in between. As such, the goals of this website are to:




Serve as a scientific resource for those interested in the social and societal factors that influence the cognitive aging of Black older adults. 

Provide practical, culturally-relevant tools for brain health that integrates science and the unique strengths of being Black to empower aging adults.

Build community wellness through sharing of lived experiences and the arts.

Share the nuanced experience of being a Black woman/underrepresented in academic spaces. 


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